Selection of the lots in this section of the sale

A qty of various electronic and scientific test equipment

including Oscilloscopes, signal generators, network analysers, gas analysers,

logic analysers, spectrum analysers, vacuum pumps, multimeters,

scales, stabilised power supplies, PAT testers etc, by Hewlett Packard, Marconi,

Philips, Agilent, Kingshill, Farnell, Tektronix, AVO, LeCroy, Racal etc.

Various other items including laboratory ovens, rack units, a fibre-optic polisher,

2 Liberator E-Band MWU test fixtures, BOFA & other extraction units.

Several theodolites, by Leica/Wild, Site levels, flight cases,
electrical stores, computer components, a Carblite furnace, work benches etc.