Provisional listing of equipment


Mixing desks

2 x Digidesign Venue Profile

2 x Midas Pro2

1 x Midas Pro 2C

1 x Midas Pro1

1 x Yamaha PM5D

2 x Allen & Heath i-live T112 with iDR-64

1 x Allen & Heath i-live R72 with iDR-48



3 light controller desks comprising 1 x Avolites Tiger Touch II, 1 x Avolites Quartz & 1 x MA On PC Command Wing

28 x Chauvet moving head lights (8 x Rogue R2, 8 x Rogue RH-1 & 12 x Legend 412z)

16 x Martin LED lights type Rush PAR1

24 x Showtec lights type Sunstrip Active Mk2

8 x ProLight LED lights type eLumen8 3200k Blinder

12 x ETC lights type CE Source Four

3 x Photon Beam lights plus other lighting related items including 2 x Smartpack dimming systems, Enttec Storm 24, Enttec DMX Ethergate Mk3, EMO rack lights, various leads etc



2 x Allen & Heath ME-U personal mixer hubs each with 8 x ME-1 personal mixers plus various other items by Allen & Heath including iDR-48, 2 x iDR-16, AR84 & DR66


A Klark Teknik rack mounted 48 channel microphone splitter (comprising of 4 x DN1248 splitters) plus various other items by Klark Teknix including DN1414 multiple DI module, DN370 graphic equaliser, DN9848 4 x 8 loudspeaker processor etc


1 x Lake Digital Audio Processor type LM44

1 x DBX compressor / limiter / gate type 1066

2 x Drawmer Quad-gate type DS404

2 x BSS 4 channel noise gates type DPR-504

3 x BSS compressors / limiters type DPR-402

2 x Technics direct drive turntables type SL1210 Mk2

1 x Sound Craft mixer type Spirit Folio SX

1 x Pioneer DJ RMX-1000M remix station

1 x Rane SL4 Serato Scratch Live unit

1 x Rosendahl timecode interface type Mif4 

Various DI boxes including 10 x Klark Teknik DN100 & 15 x BSS AR-133

Various CD players by Technics, APart & Denon, amplifiers by EV, Harrison, Crown, several items by Sony etc


A large quantity (100+) of various microphones, belt packs and related equipment including radio, in ear and fixed lead by DPA, Sennheiser, AKG, Shure etc   


Video / Photographic

Various video related items including 1 x Sony digital HD video camera type HVR-Z1E, a Panasonic production mixer type WJ-MX30, Dwight Cavendish distribution amplifiers, Manfrotto and Vinten tripods, large monitor, several AV projectors, etc


Staging and Truss

2 x “Milos Structural Systems” 7m Lifting systems for speakers with electric chain hoists.

Milos Truss goal post sets

Approx 30 sections of alloy staging by Litestructures type Lite Deck

Various other staging sections, steps, barriers, mats, clamps etc

A quantity of heavy duty alloy truss by TOMCAT curved header

Several powered and manual chain hoists. 

A quantity of various lifting equipment (chains, slings etc)


Speakers & amplifiers

A large quantity of EV Line Array & Point Source Systems, Amplifiers (EVPL3000RL) & processing. 2 sets of IRISnet control laptops & software.

8            EV  X-Array XF

3            EV  X-Array Xn

10          EV  X-Array Xb

8            EV  X-Array Xcn

2            EV  X-Array XDS

4            EV  Subwoofers XLC118

24          EV  XLC 127DVX

10          EV  X-Line Xvlf

28          EV  X-Line Xvls

28          EV  X-Line X-Sub

12          EV  X-Line very compact XLE181

24          EV  X-Line XLD281

8            EV  X-Line Sub

8            EV  SX300

18          EV  XArray XW 15

4            EV  QRX 115

4            EV  Xi 1152A

12          DAS 15

4            DAS 12A

4            HK linear 5112X PMs

5            Proel PMs


EV Amplifiers

87          P3000RL

16          P3000

2            P3000s

7            CP3000s


7 various power distribution units and a quantity of various power leads – up to 125A 3ph plus numerous other type leads

2 x Look Solutions haze / fog machines type Unique 2.1

1 x SNAP On tool chest – Mercedes Benz & a qty of various tools

3 x sound level meters


A quantity of 50+ various type flight cases (many types including rack mount, microphone drawers, hinged lid etc) 


A large quantity of other useful items including music stands, music stand lights, speaker stands, microphone stands, light stands, Peli cases, black out drapes, stores items, various speakers and components for spares / repair etc